Changes at BCS-IBM Bermuda agency

“For over 40 years, BCS has offered Bermuda businesses unparalleled access to IBM’s wealth of industry-leading technology solutions,” Mr Smith said.

“I have utmost confidence that BCS will continue this commitment with Danny Dunlop at the helm. Danny originally joined BCS in 1987 and has had a long association with IBM during his time in Bermuda.

“He brings over 30 years of experience in the IT industry with a career spanning application development, systems analysis and design, project management, information management and IT sales and marketing.”

Mr Dunlop commented: “IBM’s product and services have evolved so much in the last decade or so, to the point where at BCS today, we focus much more in business solutions and related services.

“Our Bermuda customers’ requirements range from data centres, software applications, business continuity and Cloud services to non-IT business modelling, analytics, financial reporting and regulatory compliance.

“With the market size limitations in Bermuda, no single locally-based company can cover all the business and IT expertise required by the relatively sophisticated business environment here.

“However, we are uniquely positioned to offer the full solution portfolio of the largest consultancy and IT company in the world through our internally-connected IBM office in Bermuda.

“This, of course, presents its own business challenges and I look forward to continuing to build on BCS’s past success in responding to our customers’ demand and aligning IBM’s resources to assist in addressing Bermuda’s business and public sector needs.”

BCS also announced the retirement of Albert Foley after 40 years as Senior Systems Services representative at the company.

Mr Foley’s retirement marks the end of his tenure as the longest serving employee at BCS and for IBM in the region. “The Board, management and staff of BCS all wish the very best to Mr Foley in his retirement.”

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